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The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace ~Romans 8:6~

Comfort in Christ

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“This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life” Psalm 119:50.

Like the Psalmist, God’s promises give me life too. When I read God’s Word, no matter what my circumstances are on any given day, I feel a beautiful peace come over me, the peace of being focused on Him, surrounded by Him, enveloped by Him, loved by Him. The world around me and all its problems begin to fade, and I know God is so very real, so very present in the moment as in my life, and that His promises are the only thing that is true. I become very aware that I am actually in His Presence and He begins to speak to me and my circumstances, whatever they may be, through His Word, His promises and His Holy Spirit within me.

peace-2In addition to the great peace that I get from God’s Word, great strength also rises up in me. I trust Him. I know that not only is everything He tells me in His Word true, but also there is nothing outside of His control or power. I am fearless knowing Christ is in me. He left His Holy Spirit within me, to comfort me, teach me, but also with all the power of Christ Himself to overcome anything in this world. I can do all things through Him without fear of life or death.  I don’t fear living and I sure don’t fear dying. I enJOY each day God gives me having faith in Him that He loves me, He knows far better than I do what is good for me and everyone else in the world, so therefore I trust Him with my life and surrender my will to His each day.

Get into the Word of God daily and let Him bring you peace filled, strength filled abundant life.

God loves you & I love you. Keep walking!

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